Funding no thing-ness reached over 100% 

The crowdfunding (via VoordeKunst) I started to self-publish my upcoming publication no thing-ness has reached 100%. I'm very, very thankful to everyone who has supported this dream. I'm also very excited to finish the publication and have it printed.

Halfway the year 2019 I was artistically exhausted and my artistic practice was at a stop. Through meditation and boredom I started creating sculptures to photograph in my studio. I kept doing this during the COVID19-crisis and 9 months later it’s a new project: no thing-ness.
No thing-ness basically resolves around the gaze. Objects or situations become something when they’re looked at. You form a relationship with it. This happens with our eyes, but also with the mechanical eye of the camera: it freezes time and space to capture that moment. And by doing so, the object are no longer nothing. These works playfully appeal into the imagination of the viewer and thus allow for a relationship to arise between the viewer and the subject.

Design & Art Direction: HouseTMM
Print: Lenoir Schuring
Format: 210mm x 290mm.
Containing two parts of 88 pages (a total of 176 pages) The first part consist of glossy coated paper. The second part consists of uncoated paper.
The photobook will have a plastic wrapping that will be screen-printed and folded around the cover.

Via the crowdfunding the publication was on pre-sale. If you're interested to see the publication of buy one, please contact me.


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