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2021 It's Nice That, interview on my work
2020Volkskrant, Om vrolijk van te worden, de sculpturen die Joost Termeer in elkaar knutselt in zijn kleine atelier, interview on my work
2019, De foto’s van Joost Termeer steken de draak met onze door beeld geobsedeerde cultuur, interview on my work
2019 Glamcult: Live Laugh Love, interview on my work
GUP 61 ESCAPE, interview on my work

My work is playful, colorful and partially absurd. It does not provide tools, more so it plays into the imagination. I see my work as images as carriers of stories, ideas, experiences rather than reality. They're portals into fictional worlds. They reference a recognisability but all together form a new world.
    By taking elements out of context something new is emerging. In that moment the viewer is confronted with their own interpretations of the world. 
A central question in my work practice is what it means to be human.
    Modern visual culture and the way images work inspire me. For example I find it very fascinating that back in the days photographic images were expected to reproduce reality, where nowadays our reality is constructed by images.


bachelors degree in photography at HKU, utrecht, graduated 2018

2020 nominated for Breda Photo Talent Program
2019 selected for NEW 2019 by GUP Magazine
2019 Pitch at Donkere Kamer #41, Pakhuis de zwijger
2018 shortlisted for olympus young talent award

2022 Unseen Photography Fair, amsterdam
2019 art fair HAUTE PHOTOGRAPHIE at LP2, rotterdam
2019 semi-perminent group exhibition CU2030 commissioned by the Municipality of Utrecht at Utrecht Central Station, Utrecht
2019 group exhibition LOVE@SECOND SIGHT at Corrosia, almere
2019 group exhibition DE BELOFTE 14 at KunstLiefde, utrecht
2018 graduation exhibition I AM SURE YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT at HKU oudenoord, utrecht
group exhibition lovliest of graduates ONE ACT PLAY, utrecht
group exhibition NEW DUTCH PHOTOGRAPHY at melkweg, amsterdam
2018 group exhibition NEW DUTCH PHOTOGRAPHY at boekenbar, utrecht
2017 group exhibition PERPETUAL MOTION at kolder, ghent
2017 solo exhibition DID YOU MISS ME as part of EMMA V DOORN'S graduation project, at HKU pastoe fabriek, utrecht
2017 group exhibition DID YOU MISS ME as part of WENTELTEEFJES festival, at bar groen, arnhem
2017 solo exhibition COLOUR ANTHOLOGY at kriterion café, amsterdam
2017 group exhibition .P&G at lab111, amsterdam
2016 group exhibition WE ARE NOW HERE at a lab, amsterdam
2016 group exhibition EDITED BY at kunst west, amsterdam

2020 no thing-ness, self-publshied,
2019 THIS REMINDS ME OF AND EXPERIENCE I NEVER HAD, as part of my gradutaion work, self-published, sold out
2018 a desire to look, self-published 

2020 VolkskrantWillen de antivaxers nu wél een vaccin?, 29-05-2020
2020 Volkskrant, interview: Om vrolijk van te worden, de sculpturen die Joost Termeer in elkaar knutselt in zijn kleine atelier, 30-04-2020
2020 Feature of Rizoom, Take Over 136
2020 Heimwee Magzine
2019 Volkskrant, Zo extreem heet, dat kan eigenlijk helemaal niet (volgens de rekenmodellen), 26- 07-2019
2019 Cover of Dakhaas #13: Toekomst van de stad
2019 UIT Agenda Amsterdam, portrait of singer Merol
2018 Cover of Dakhaas #12: Dat mag niet

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