Installation (UV-print on tiles, wooden beach chair, print on canvas, print on vinyl, mdf plates, wood, print on towels, straps) and publication.

The water feels cold. I put my foot in further, pushing through the paralyzing feeling of cramp crawling up my leg. My skin burns. I’m sweating. I want to jump in the water, but I’m afraid of the cold. The surface of the pool is like a membrane, my body nothing more than a vessel penetrating that membrane and transporting information from one side to the other. What’s under there, lurking in the blue?

When I visited the Eiffel tower in Paris I could only think of how beautiful it looked on the photos I had seen of it, and how ugly it looked in front of me. It was a very unsatisfying experience, but I realized back then the power that images hold: they had been more of a reality to me than the tower itself.
I had lived through an experience I never had.
    Taking inspiration from mass-tourism and -consumption, this project consists out of an installation and publication researching the way we experience and consume images.

“Watching the red and yellow flowers in the sun thinking of nothing,
it was as if a door opened and I was somewhere else, something else.
Not myself any longer.”
- Jean Rhys

the pool, 1140 tiles, 4,50m x 5,70m.
the shell, wallpaper, 2,44m x 3,66m

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Installation views